that OTHER time I hack Tay's blog.

Well hi.  Is it weird that I'm the only one that's been posting on Taylor's blog?  Yes?  Oh well.

So hiiiii.  I'm writing this blog post because I want the entire world to know how completely and 100% fabulous Taylor is.

She's that person that's always there.  It's like, it doesn't matter where in the world you go or what happens, she's just there.  I know people say this about people all the time, but I truly mean it with Tay. I can be pretty suckish, but she never stops just being there.

Maybe our friendship was brought about because we both got the same beautiful, not-so-much-passing Algebra 1 grade in the good old 8th grade years.  Maybe it's over the internet, where face-to-face time is rare, planning Skype dates is nearly impossible because of "real life", and friendship just doesn't have the same.... feel?  There are so many days where I just want to give up because it's extremely hard.  There are so many days where online friendships are so incredibly hard.  But then there's Tay, allowing me to rant in all CAPS.  Showing me that true friendship is not impossible over the internet, in fact, she's showed me that it's possible to have the truest friendship you can have, 350 miles away.

I don't know what I'd define friendship as.  I can't pinpoint it because it's so much to me.  But when I think of the word friendship, I think of Taylor.  Online friendship has taught me to be intentional, raw and love like God does.  Intentional because in those moments where it'd be better if I just finish that paper, to drop everything is a sign that you can stick with them for literally ever.  Raw because online things can get shallow and weird, but if you keep things real & honest & true, your friendship can thrive.  Love like God does because if you love that person deeply it spills through the screen of your computer.  Taylor has always been all three of those things.  She's dropped everything for me, been brutally honest for me, loved me like God does every single day of our friendship   Taylor has taught me those things.  Even when other people come and go, she never does.  I love her so much for showing me what a true and real and honest friend is.  Every day of our friendship.

If you don't have a friend like Tay, I urge you to find one.  There's nothing quite like the feeling of being loved so much that you can feel it 350 miles away.

And remember, girl, even if people give up, God never does.  I love you to the stars and back thousand times over.  159 days until I get to see your beautiful face.

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